Devon Klumb, CFP®, BFA

Life Planning & Growth Manager

“I am committed to overturning the idea of what financial planning has been for too long. I believe that it must be principled and ethical and should always look out for the clients’ best interests. I am grateful that my work life reflects my values.”

Devon’s Story

As a RhineVest advisor, Devon helps clients formulate and focus on their vision for their ideal future, and then builds a plan to get them there. He believes that feelings determine financial success more than numbers do, so he strives to develop a deep understanding of clients’ beliefs and emotions so that he can craft a unique plan in line with their values. He loves that his job continues to offer new challenges and that every day is unique. For Devon, financial planning is a higher calling—a way to help people reach new heights and achieve their dreams. 

In his free time, Devon enjoys spending time on the golf course, playing guitar, listening to old music, and hanging out with his family—Liz, Jack, Nora, Molly, and Piper.

Specialties: behavioral finance, comprehensive financial planning, goal setting


Ohio University, BS, Engineering Technology & Management


Behavioral Financial Advisor®

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