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Whether you’re realizing the complexity of your financial life has become overwhelming, you’ve recently experienced an influx of wealth, or you find yourself in a multi-generational family system, our team is here to guide and support you.

With You at Every Stage of the Family Wealth Lifecycle

For our clients who have realized a significant net worth, Truepoint’s multi-family office addresses the specific concerns of clients at every stage of the family wealth lifecycle. Whether experiencing an influx of wealth or the ongoing complexity of holding multi-generational wealth, our technical expertise brings clarity, continuity, and harmony to the families we serve.

Emergence: Is Your Financial Life Becoming Complicated?

Whether you own a closely-held business or are seeing great wealth emerge through a similar avenue, integrating your business and personal lives can be complicated and overwhelming.

  • How do I balance personal cashflow needs with investing in the business?
  • Are my personal finances clearly defined and separate from my business?
  • What sacrifices am I making today to create future wealth?
  • What is my timeline for the business?
  • What is my purpose for amassing great wealth?
Influx: Have You Experienced A Major Liquidity Event?

A major change in wealth through receipt of an inheritance or sale/change in ownership of a business can bring on sudden technical and emotional complexity.

  • How do I balance short-term needs with long-term planning?
  • What resources do I need to help define my next phase of life?
  • Do I have time for adequate pre-transaction tax and estate planning?
  • Do I have a soft landing for post transaction proceeds?
  • Have I thoughtfully planned with family stakeholders for the future of the family’s wealth?
Stewardship: Are You Planning Beyond A Generation?

Those in a multi-generational family system find themselves facing different opportunities and challenges as they shift focus from the immediate to the generational.

  • Does our family have a clearly defined vision and mission?
  • Are our values carried out consistently?
  • How transparently and how often are we communicating?
  • When do family members earn a seat at the table?
  • How do we plan for exit strategies of family members?


Let’s find out if Truepoint Family Office is a good fit for you.

Your Family’s Vision, Our Experience.

When working with multiple generations, our layered family office strategy allows us to work as one cohesive team dedicated to your family as a whole—with specialized arms serving each generation’s unique needs. Our fully-integrated tax, estate, investment, and multi-generational planning services ensure every aspect of your family wealth is aligned with your vision for your ideal future.

Estate Planning
  • Multi-generational asset transfer planning
  • Executor and/or trustee services
  • Estate administration and settlement
  • Ongoing coordination with attorneys
  • Intra-family loan administration
Tax Management
  • Income, gift, and trust tax planning and preparation
  • Tax optimization strategies across family members and entities
  • Ongoing coordination with business CPA
  • Multi-year philanthropic funding analyses and recommendations
Investment Management
  • Management of diversified low-cost tax-efficient portfolio
  • Assessment and recommendation of private equity opportunities
  • Management of private equity cashflows
  • Customized reporting on all assets
Multi-Gen Planning
  • Articulation and centralization of family values
  • Rising-gen education
  • Philanthropic planning and optimization
  • Family transition planning
  • Integrated individual and multi-generational planning
  • Legacy planning

Making Your Dreams a Reality

Developing a deep and meaningful understanding of who you are and what you want most in life is our core responsibility. Check out what some of our clients have to say about how working with us has helped bring their dreams to life.

What will your money magnify?

Money magnifies all things in life—including opportunities and challenges for every member of your family. The financial capital is the easy part in multi-generational planning; the human element is the more critical part of long-term family harmony and success.

Truepoint Wealth Counsel’s multi-family office has been serving clients for decades

Alexandra H. Ollinger, CFP®
Sr. Wealth Advisor & Shareholder
Alexandra H. Ollinger
Adam Lipton, CFP®
Sr. Wealth Advisor & Shareholder
Adam Lipton
Thomas Bentley, CFP®, CTFA
Director of Estate Services & Shareholder
Thomas Bentley
John Wolfenden, JD
Sr. Estate Planner & Shareholder
John Wolfenden
Josh Kommer, CFA, CAIA
Sr. Portfolio Manager & Shareholder
Josh Kommer

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