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The landscape of institutional investing is broad, but Truepoint has focused on serving specific types of institutional clients for over 20 years, culminating with the launch of Truepoint Institutional Advisors in 2015. We are committed to advising smaller and mid-sized institutional investors that traditionally are underserved by other financial firms. These are organizations that can truly benefit from a steady, long-term approach to investing. After all, many of these provide critical services and financial support to their community.

As advisors, our role is not only to ensure a thoughtful, informed strategy is always in place, but also to ensure your board and organization are able to adhere to a sound investment strategy, especially when it can be difficult to do so.

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How we work with small and mid-sized endowments, foundations, nonprofits, and trusts:
  • Determine optimal board structure for investment oversight
  • Create best practices for committee governance
  • Work with your team (staff, board, committees) to develop an investment policy that meets the long-term funding needs of your organization
  • Manage investment portfolios and share regular performance updates with key stakeholders
  • Provide education to investment committees to ensure a thorough understanding of our approach
  • Stress the importance of maintaining investment discipline in all types of markets
How we help company retirement plans:
  • Design a 401(k) plan and other retirement accounts that meets your company’s goals
  • Assist with automatic enrollment and automatic deferral increases
  • Conduct individual consultations with your team members to increase awareness of retirement plan options
  • Coordinate participant education meetings on plan details
  • Schedule annual review of retirement plan and participation

Our approach to investing your money for the long term:

Assess investment objectives and risk tradeoffs
Model asset allocation
Construct custom portfolio
Develop investment policy statement
Monitor portfolio with disciplined rebalancing
Benchmark portfolio and performance attribution

Meet the Team

The Truepoint Institutional Advisors team is passionate about helping organizations fulfill their missions by working toward their investment objectives. The work they do as advisors is fully supported by Truepoint’s investment and client services teams.

Christopher M. Meyer, CFA
Director of Institutional Investing & Shareholder
Christopher M. Meyer
Ryan J. Klekar, CFP®, CTFA
Sr. Wealth Advisor & Shareholder
Ryan J. Klekar

Our Fee-Only Approach

All of Truepoint’s investment services are provided according to the fiduciary principle of always placing the interest of the client first. We provide these services on a highly competitive and cost-effective basis. In keeping with our fiduciary role, all of our compensation comes directly from client fees; we receive no other incentives or compensation.

First $5,000,000 0.50%
Next $5,000,000 0.40%
Next $10,000,000 0.30%
Next $30,000,000 0.20%
Above $50,000,000 0.10%

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