P&G Employees, Alumni & Retirees

As Procter & Gamble employees and alumni, choosing a wealth management firm is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make. The options can be overwhelming—the key is finding a team that can lighten your load by connecting the dots of your financial life.

At Truepoint, we’ve been serving P&G employees and retirees for 30 years and counting. Whether making benefit selections, saving for retirement, or navigating equity compensation, our team has a depth of experience with the unique challenges and opportunities you face at every stage of your career with P&G.

We’re P&G Retirement Experts and We Do Our Best Work With…

Rollover the options below to see a list of questions you may be asking yourself about your financial life at every step of your journey with P&G.

Early Career
  • How much should I be saving in my Savings Plan/401(k) each year?
  • How should I invest my Savings Plan/401(k)?
  • Should I be saving outside of my retirement plan and how?
  • Can I afford to buy a home?
  • What benefit elections should I be making?
Use Commas
Mid-Late Career
  • When can I retire?
  • Should I elect options, RSUs, or cash for my performance awards?
  • What is the best way to fund college education for my kids?
  • How will I generate income in retirement?
  • When should I exercise my options?
Let's Talk
P&G Alum
  • What are my options for rolling out of the P&G Retirement Plan?
  • Do you suggest the Frank Duke method?
  • Can I afford a second home?
  • When should I start Social Security?
  • Should I invest more conservatively now that I’m retired?
Let's Talk

Your P&G Retirement Advisors

The Truepoint experience is more than just the management and distribution of your PST and Savings Plan—it’s providing you and your loved ones with a dedicated team and innovative plan that aligns with your values, generates happiness, and reduces stress.

Interested in learning if the Truepoint experience is right for you?

The Value We Offer to P&Gers

With a deep understanding of P&G’s benefits and your unique financial goals, our fully integrated service model is designed to secure your financial future. Truepoint’s collaborative approach enables us to deliver a service where the strategies, recommendations, and solutions are not just tailored to your needs, but are deeply rooted in a comprehensive understanding of P&G’s wealth-building opportunities.

Financial Planning
Comprehensive, P&G-specific planning, including STAR/LTIP elections, concentrated risk assessment, and distribution strategies for the PST/Savings Plan.

ntegrated portfolio management considering PST stock holding requirements, diversification of concentrated P&G stock, and quantitative analysis of stock options.

eturn preparation and fully integrated tax planning including income recognition from options and charitable gifting strategies specifically designed for P&Gers.

Estate Planning
Expert assistance tailored to the unique aspects of P&G assets, including beneficiary designations, gifting strategies, and estate tax considerations.

How should you handle having so much of your wealth tied up in P&G stock?

This is an important consideration for those under 50, and the answer depends on your particular situation—your age, your tenure with P&G, and your financial goals. In this downloadable piece, our team offers insight into how you can assess your situation and implement a strategy tailored to your specific situation and goals.


Why work with Truepoint?

P&Gers see the Truepoint team as a dedicated partner who understands the intricacies of their financial landscape. With our deep knowledge of P&G’s benefits and a commitment to building personalized strategies, we empower clients to navigate their wealth journey seamlessly. Our unwavering focus on their unique needs and objectives makes us the trusted choice for those seeking peace of mind and possibility.

What are the fees?

Our fee structure is simple.

  • If you are a P&G employee, there is a $625 quarterly retainer fee plus 1.00% annually on any investments managed outside of the P&G Profit Sharing Trust and Savings Plan.
  • Upon separation from P&G, Truepoint’s standard fee schedule will apply.
Can you help me make my STAR and LTIP award elections?

Yes. Each year, our team builds an analysis on the Procter & Gamble LTIP and STAR Award programs to help current P&G employees make the best choice for their situation.

These awards can provide significant opportunities to build future wealth and achieve financial goals. Because both programs come with a choice between stock options and an alternative (cash or RSUs), there are several considerations to be made when determining the choice. Click here to see our most recent analysis.

Do you recommend the Frank Duke method upon retirement?

We recommend the Frank Duke Method—a tax-efficient way to distribute funds from the P&G Profit Sharing Trust and Savings Plan after separation from P&G—for many clients, depending on their circumstances. This strategy is not for everyone, but we do consider it when evaluating any P&Ger’s retirement distribution strategy. (Don’t know what the Frank Duke method is? Read about it here!)

Can you help me with my taxes?

Yes—We have an in-house tax team that not only provides tax advice, but will also prepare and file your taxes. We consider the tax implications of everything we do for our clients, including those who are a part of our P&G Pre-Retirement Service.

Can you help me understand when to exercise my options?

Yes—we feel the option exercise decision is an important one and involves many factors that should be considered, like taxes, cash flow needs and concentration risk. If you want to know more about how we approach the options, we have written about it here.

Can you help my children or parents?

Yes! We’re always happy to have a conversation with friends or family who could benefit from our services.

Truepoint and Commas are one company with two ways to engage, allowing us to work with anyone who would benefit from our help. Learn more about the services we offer through Commas, our process, and our Commas advisor team here.

Truepoint Wealth Counsel’s specialized team has worked closely with P&G executives for decades.

We offer deep experience and broad perspective on the specific financial issues faced by P&G employees and retirees. We admire the company’s commitment to excellence and have designed a tailored service model and approach to meet those high standards. Our team is here to help you gain clarity and confidence about your near-term choices and long-term goals.

John S. Evans, CPA/PFS, CFP®
Sr. Wealth Advisor & Shareholder
John S. Evans
Lauren M. Niestradt, CFA , CFP®
Sr. Portfolio Manager & Shareholder
Lauren M. Niestradt
Kate Brownstein, CFP®
Sr. Financial Planner & Shareholder
Kate Brownstein
Scott M. Barbee, CPA, CFP®, CAP®
Sr. Wealth Advisor & Shareholder
Scott M. Barbee
Heather J. Spencer, CPA, CFP®
Sr. Wealth Advisor & Shareholder
Heather J. Spencer

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