Our Culture

We are a team of good people who put forth relentless effort to serve others.

Our Core Values

Our Team
  • We are dependable and accountable to one another
  • Embrace collaboration
  • Get on the bus
  • Proactively step-up and pitch-in
  • Actively help our teammates grow and succeed
Good People
  • Humble
  • Genuine
  • Compassionate
  • Open-minded
  • Positive and fun to be around
Relentless Effort
  • Can-do spirit
  • Take initiative
  • Challenge status quo
  • Go above and beyond
  • Continually improve
Serve Others
  • Listen first
  • Build relationships
  • Anticipate the needs of others
  • Take ownership and resolve issues
  • Strive to exceed expectations


We actively engage in the community where we can make a positive impact.

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Not only are we good people in the office every day, but we are also good people in our community. Philanthropy and community involvement are not just topics of conversation with our clients, but also a shared purpose of the entire Truepoint team. We actively engage in the community because we believe our team can make a positive impact where we live and work.

Organizations We Support

Our philanthropic mission.

We place great value on supporting a variety of causes that do good, both in and outside of the Cincinnati area. This is our philanthropic mission. We support organizations that empower women, educate children, battle cancer and addiction…the list goes on. And we’re supportive through in-kind donations, monetary contributions, or hands-on volunteering or participating in community events. We do it all and we are making a difference.

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