Our Wealth Management Process

Our process can help you, regardless of where you are. That requires us to be genuinely curious about you. Our focus is asking the right questions and truly listening. Getting to know what makes you tick is what makes us tick.

You are uniquely you. There’s no one else like you. Developing a deep and meaningful understanding of who you are and what you want most in life is our core responsibility, and essential to
helping you create and maintain the life you want.

Discovering Your Why

  • Identify what matters most to you – we’ll discuss your values, beliefs, goals, concerns and major transitions.
  • Collect any financial data – while we want to build a deep and meaningful relationship with you, we know that the numbers are still important.

Articulating Your Vision

  • Connect your vision and goals with your financial resources – in this phase, we’ll be able to truly evaluate your financial ability to meet your goals.
  • Determine an investment strategy to support the plan – the portfolio allocation is determined by what you want and need in the short and long term (and not based on some arbitrary number).

Refining Your Plan

  • Meet your wealth management plan – here you will see it all come together where we tie your goals with our financial capabilities (estate, tax, portfolio management and financial planning).
  • Continue to enhance and refine the plan – we have a deep set of tools that help clarify what is most important to you, which further ensures that financial resources are being deployed the right way.

Implementing Your Plan

  • Meet regularly – we want to be sure to address all areas of your financial life in order of priority while maintaining the flexibility to pivot when your circumstances change.

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