The EveryInvestor

Founded on the same fiduciary principles as Truepoint, our Commas (formerly RhineVest) team helps you “money confidently” at a pace at which you choose with a no account minimum subscription structure.

Commas is a financial advisory that provides fee-only service to the EveryInvestor: those who might not fit the standards set by traditional high net-worth advisories but still deserve personalized financial guidance to meet their goals. We offer services with no account minimums, working with our clients at every step of the process and empowering them to create, plan, and achieve their desired money goals

Formerly known as RhineVest, Commas provides a more simplified asset development and money management advisory. And if you’d like to, at any time you can choose to change your service to Truepoint if your needs require the Truepoint offering.