Scott Keller, CFA, CAIA

Director of Investment Management & Shareholder

“In college, my perspective was changed by Burton Malkiel’s A Random Walk Down Wall Street. Malkiel demonstrates that short-term changes in stock prices cannot be predicted and that studying chart patterns and/or earnings forecasts is a useless endeavor.”

Scott’s Story

With a lifelong knack for analyzing quantitative data—whether in simulations, spreadsheets, or market returns—Scott uses his talents to identify the most sound, research-supported investment strategies for Truepoint clients. His favorite part of his work isn’t in the numbers, though; it’s in understanding the unique complexities that people add to investing. Even though the numbers might suggest a particular strategy, some investors struggle to actually execute the plan, or a particular approach might not meet a particular investor’s needs. Determining how investment strategies benefit individual clients—through attentive listening and careful analysis—is at the heart of Scott’s approach and the primary reason he was drawn to working at Truepoint. As Director of Investment Management, Scott leads a team of investment specialists as they draw upon market research to craft optimized, client-specific investment strategies. He also serves on Truepoint’s management team.

When he’s not researching the markets, Scott enjoys relaxing with his family. He spends as much time outdoors as he can, often running, fly fishing or golfing.

Specialties: alternative investments, data analysis, investment research, investment strategy, portfolio management


Montana State University, BA, Finance


Chartered Financial Analyst
Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst

Community Involvement (2)

  • CFA Society of Cincinnati, Past President and Trustee
  • Great Parks Forever, Treasurer

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