Looking Behind the Curtain: A Celebration of the Truepoint Team

At the end of The Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy finally makes it to The Emerald City, her dog, Toto, pulls the curtain back and we catch a glimpse of “the man behind the curtain.” The wizard tries hard to distract the group as he fears being seen as weak. However, revealing what’s behind the curtain, shines a light on who the wizard is: a lone man, working all the mechanisms to exude a more “great and powerful Oz” to Dorothy and her friends. At Truepoint, we don’t have that same fear because opening the curtain actually reveals our strength, our “secret sauce.” At Truepoint, it’s not just one single person behind the curtain as it is in Oz; in fact, it’s a team of 64 individuals, all honored to be recognized as a 2020 Top Workplace by the Cincinnati Enquirer. We would be remiss to not take this opportunity to thank our teammates by pulling back the curtain and shining a light on what actually makes us stronger – our team.

Behind this curtain you will find a team of 64 employees who genuinely enjoy working together! As our marketing specialist, Abby Tuke mentioned in a previous Viewpoint, “collaboration underlies everything we do and is key to creating an exemplary client experience.” Behind the scenes, there are eight teams working together across all specialties. There are prep huddles and brainstorming sessions, and our Wealth Lab and  Women’s Wealth Counsel all working diligently to improve our service offerings to clients. But none of this is happenstance. Collaboration across teams is the result of diligent work and fostering a workplace culture where team members feel valued and connected. At Truepoint, “team building” isn’t just another box to check off in our corporate to-do list. It’s an essential part of how we do business. It is also why we have a dedicated team of 15 employees from each of our various fields of expertise, participating in our “Culture Club” meetings. This group is charged with keeping a pulse on our culture and prioritizing any enhancements to remain an employer of choice.

Behind this curtain you will find a team of 64 employees who love coming to work! Unfortunately, we don’t get to do that right now. While we are thankful that the transition to work from home was seamless (thanks to some strategic planning!), we also fully admit that these virtual meetings are starting to wear on all of us. Sure, “business casual” is more casual than ever, and we have all loved the shorter commute to various rooms in our homes, but it’s far from ideal. That’s because the success of our culture is built on our team of good people…and who doesn’t want to be around good people? But more than being a team of good people, we are also smart, fun, caring and connected. It’s ironic to be recognized for our exceptional workplace culture at a time when we cannot participate fully in that culture. Being separated has challenged us in more ways than we thought it would. We miss one another – the water cooler chats and the breaks; the jokes with cubemates and the spontaneous happy hours; the catching up with friends and colleagues about our families and vacations. We take pride in actually knowing each other and being physically separated has made that more challenging. But our culture is strong enough to navigate this time, and other difficult circumstances together. To say that we’ve been living in unusual and difficult circumstances is certainly an understatement. Countless lives continue to be affected by the pandemic and injustice gripping our communities, but we are thankful that we are surrounded by such a great team who cares deeply for each other.

Behind this curtain you will find a team of 64 employees who have fun together! We can’t wait to get back to chili cook-offs and soup clubs; to Pop-A-Shot tournaments and ping-pong matches; to lunches in the kitchen and happy hours; to family picnics and holiday parties; to Team Summits and community events. You may be curious as to why a financial firm would put so much emphasis on all of this. The reason is simple – because we believe that having connected and engaged employees enhances our client experience and makes us a Top Workplace.

Behind this curtain you will find a team of 64 employees who are a team of good people who put forth relentless effort to serve others! We can’t wait until we can all be together again. That’s because Truepoint is like being home for so many of us. And as Dorothy stated so simply, “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.”

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