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#TeamTruepoint is on the move and engaged in our community. Check out the latest from our team and how we’re showing up as a team of good people who put forth relentless effort to serve others.

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Truepoint   January 13, 2023
Important Update on the LastPass Security Incident
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Truepoint   January 25, 2022
Truepoint Wealth Counsel Expands Shareholder Group
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Truepoint   December 14, 2021
Truepoint and Commas Named Humana Go365 National Step Challenge Winners
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Katrina Hartsel
Katrina Hartsel   August 16, 2021
Truepoint Named a Best Places to Work 2021 Finalist
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Katrina Hartsel
Lynda A. Michael
Katrina Hartsel and Lynda A. Michael   July 9, 2021
Relentless Effort: Not Just Words on a Wall
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Janel E. Carroll
Janel E. Carroll   June 2, 2021
Lessons Learned in the Fight Against Blood Cancer
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