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#TeamTruepoint is on the move and engaged in our community. Check out the latest from our team and how we’re showing up as a team of good people who put forth relentless effort to serve others.

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Michael J. Chasnoff
Michael J. Chasnoff   April 1, 2024
A Message from Founder Michael Chasnoff
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Courtney M. Weber
Nate Johnson
Courtney M. Weber and Nate Johnson   March 27, 2024
Celebrating the Truepoint Client Experience
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Truepoint   February 1, 2024
Truepoint Wealth Counsel Continues to Expand Shareholder Group
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Katrina Hartsel
Katrina Hartsel   June 20, 2023
Working Hard for Our Clients and For Our Employees
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Truepoint   January 31, 2023
Truepoint Wealth Counsel Expands Shareholder Group to 32 Employee-Owners 
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Truepoint   January 13, 2023
Important Update on the LastPass Security Incident
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