Celebrating the Truepoint Client Experience

This past year, the Truepoint team collaborated with an independent, third-party consultant to gather feedback on our performance and gain insights into how we might need to evolve our client service.

We were extremely proud to see that 99% of clients who completed the survey expressed high satisfaction with our services and that we achieved a remarkable Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 94 (significantly surpassing the industry average of 47.7). However, it’s ultimately the direct impact we make on clients that excites us the most.

Our clients shared the most impactful results of their relationship with Truepoint are:
  • Ensuring a clear and meaningful vision for life in retirement
  • Establishing confidence that remaining family members will be okay should they pass away first

To learn more about the results and hear what clients have to say about working with us, please view the short video below:

As you plan for the future, do you have a clear and meaningful vision of retirement, whether you’re near that phase or are already there? Are you confident that your family members will be taken care of should anything happen to you? Don’t worry. Whatever your situation, we’re here to help.

Take the first step toward securing a future that aligns with your aspirations and provides for those you care about and schedule a conversation with us.

Truepoint, Inc. worked with Absolute Engagement, a leading third-party consultant in the industry, to gather feedback and input from clients to help Truepoint understand their level of satisfaction along with needs and expectations going forward. 1451 invitations were sent to current Truepoint Wealth Counsel clients with a response rate of 34%. All clients were given the opportunity to respond anonymously or provide their name to facilitate individual follow-up.

The Net Promotor Score calculation is based on the following survey question: “How likely is it that you would recommend your advisory team to a friend or colleague?” This question uses a scale from 0-10 with 0=Not at all likely to 10=Extremely likely. The percentage of respondents who answered 0-6 (Detractors) is subtracted that from the percentage who answered 9 or 10 (Promoters) to arrive on the score.

These testimonials were provided by current clients of Truepoint, Inc. These clients were not compensated for these testimonials. No material conflicts of interest exist since these clients were not compensated nor did they receive any other benefit for providing this content.

Truepoint Wealth Counsel is a fee-only Registered Investment Adviser (RIA). Registration as an adviser does not connote a specific level of skill or training nor an endorsement by the SEC. More detail, including forms ADV Part 2A & Form CRS filed with the SEC, can be found at TruepointWealth.com. Neither the information, nor any opinion expressed, is to be construed as personalized investment, tax or legal advice. The accuracy and completeness of information presented from third-party sources cannot be guaranteed.

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