A Look Back and a View Toward the Future

Two thousand and ten marks an exciting year for Truepoint. We are celebrating our fourth Annual Client Meeting as well as our 20th anniversary. Our annual meeting has quickly become a staple for Truepoint as it gives us an opportunity to share our firm’s mission, vision and values. The agenda provides our clients with an inside view of the firm’s progress over the past twelve months and candidly addresses our challenges. It’s also the time when we review enhancements to our service offerings and provide insights from respected individuals in the business, economic and financial industries.

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are planning a special reflection on our evolution and the lessons we have learned. Most importantly, we will demonstrate our commitment to our clients.

We are also pleased to present one of the world’s top business thinkers, James Surowiecki, as our keynote speaker. Surowiecki is known by many for his financial column in The New Yorker. His work is typically pegged to current events and incorporates the kind of insights from economics, sociology, and business history that makes his New York Times bestseller, The Wisdom of Crowds Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economics, Societies and Nations so valuable.

Strategic Planning – Update

Not only does Surowiecki’s message apply to our investment philosophy and approach, it plays an integral part in our firm’s values of teamwork and independent thinking. In fact, we leveraged Surowiecki’s philosophy at our recent strategic planning summit. These annual strategy meetings allow our team members to share their ideas and different perspectives. This year we emphasized the value of each team member’s independent thoughts. We encouraged the team to individually consider their best ideas to further the improvement of Truepoint. Only after all independent ideas were presented and considered did we begin to narrow our focus. Through collaborative discussion we arrived at our goals for the coming year.

As a whole, our team identified four strategic areas of focus: client growth, employer of choice, operational efficiency and superior client service. During the next twelve months we will work as a team to make accountable efforts in these areas.

During our strategic planning meeting I reflected on how Truepoint has evolved. It’s quite remarkable how much has changed over the years. Our team has grown from two to twenty talented individuals. We moved office space, increased client communications, improved deliverables and enhanced our services. Through all these changes and continued improvements one thing has not changed-our core principle of always putting the client’s interest first. The growth and success of Truepoint is attributable to our clients and their commitment to us. We look forward to sharing a look back and a view toward the future at our Annual Client Meeting on September 16th at the Cincinnati Art Museum.

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