Working Hard for Our Clients and For Our Employees

It is no small feat to once again be recognized as a Top Workplace at the Cincinnati Enquirer’s annual Top Workplaces Awards; and as such, Truepoint is honored to be ranked third in the small division category among this year’s 86 finalists as published earlier this month. These awards are determined exclusively by confidential employee surveys in which team members assess their workplace on 15 culture drivers, including alignment, execution, and connection. 

In addition to the firm-wide award, Truepoint President Steve Condon received a leadership award in our division for the special honors celebrated at the Top Workplaces event, noting his “humble, thoughtful, and transparent” leadership style and commending him for being “focused on the future.”   

While Steve is honored to be recognized in this manner, he would also be the first to recognize our entire team for having these same characteristics. Our team lives by a strong set of core values which challenges the status quo of more typical companies. Around our office, we often say, “how can we do this better?” That’s because we are driven to exceed expectations—for our clients, for our team members, and for our community. So, receiving recognition for our workplace culture is very gratifying, especially in light of the tremendous changes within office life, and our industry over the past few years. Never before have companies been forced to adapt to so much as they have over these last three years. 

Covid-19 brought dramatic changes to all areas of our lives—and the workplace was no exception. In the aftermath of the pandemic, terms like the “Great Resignation” and the “War on Talent,” have become part of our corporate vernacular—coded ways of describing the mass exodus of workers who have left their positions in search of better pay, better benefits, or more meaning. Further, merger and acquisition activity has become rampant in the wealth management industry, leaving many employees feeling insecure and disconnected. And we’ve only begun to touch the surface of the rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and automated investing tools (or “roboadvisors”) which have prompted many firms to think creatively about their people and their environment.  

All of this has required many organizations, not just ours, to reconsider their approach to work. But specifically for companies like Truepoint—who believe that a supportive, lively, and deeply connected office culture is vital for success—it also threatened the very qualities that set us apart.  

But if Truepoint is nothing else, we are resilient. Winning an award like this—especially in this changing landscape—reinforces that we are still getting it “right” with our employees. Fortunately, empowerment and flexibility have always been important to us, and for 33 years we have deliberately kept an open mind. This mentality has prepared us for an ever-growing team and the decisions that come with an ever-changing work environment.   

And it’s not just about our team. This resiliency, quick thinking, and adaptability is also at the core of how we serve our clients. A financial plan—much like a corporate culture —will not be successful if it is an off-the-shelf, “check all the boxes,” one-size-fits-all approach. Truepoint clients aspire to create a dynamic life in which they explore, innovate, and consciously craft a rewarding and fulfilling life. Often, we begin working with clients at key moments of transition. We understand they will face unexpected challenges, shifting priorities, and unforeseen opportunities, and our role is to support their efforts as they try out new approaches to address their changing circumstances. We understand that conditions are never static, but we aren’t afraid of change. We’re built for it.  

The bottom line is this: we work hard for our employees, and we work hard for our clients. This has been key to our success. We’re grateful to the Enquirer for recognizing it, but we’re even more grateful that our employees themselves embrace this spirit. 

This award issued by The Enquirer and is based on confidential employee survey feedback.  Based on those results, 144 organizations have earned recognition as Top Workplaces.

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