Your Financial Plan and a Volatile Market

It never hurts to be financially prepared for all types of market and economic conditions.

In fact, that’s how we build plans at Truepoint; to weather a variety of turbulences. During times of tumult, you may find yourself feeling anxious about or preoccupied with the unknown. Perhaps you’ve found yourself asking questions like these:

  • How will the most severe inflation outbreak in 40 years be resolved?
  • Should I invest in commodities to hedge against inflation or even cryptocurrency?
  • What does the shift in the world’s geopolitical order mean for the stock market and my portfolio?
  • How do I protect my investments when every aspect of the market is under pressure?
  • Will this moment in time completely displace my plans for the future?

We hear these concerns from our clients every day. Rather than worrying about the unknowable (and the uncontrollable), we encourage our clients to instead focus attention on what can be controlled—from conscientious saving to thoughtful emotional mediation.

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Not ready for a conversation? Feel free to get to know our team and capabilities a bit better by accessing the library of resources below. We hope these resources serve to keep you informed and grounded as you navigate these moments of turbulence.


Update on Market Volatility: Back on the Rollercoaster

Following two years of sharp and consistent market gain, the S&P 500 Index has fallen to levels not seen in over a year. And while bonds have offered some “relative protection,” the broad bond market has performed worse so far in 2022 than in any complete year since 1842. Read more.

How to Capitalize on Market Volatility

Truepoint Director of Investment Management & Shareholder Scott Keller covers the current market environment, historical volatility, and ways to capitalize on volatility in a video and downloadable eBook. See more.

Is Your Portfolio Protected Against Inflation?

Google Trends, which measures the frequency of internet searches over time, proves that individuals are increasingly concerned about inflation – and they should be. Inflation is, generally, the most significant risk for retirees. One could even argue that the primary motivation for investing is to grow your wealth over and above the rate of inflation. Read more.

Psychology and the Secret of Investing Success

Dr. Crosby is a psychologist and behavioral finance expert who helps organizations understand the intersection of mind and markets. These are his seven tips for successful investing, focusing on investor behavior, psychology, and emotions. Read more.

Inflation 101: Seeing Dead People Yet?

Amid soaring inflation, rising interest rates, and the stock market decline, the New York Times interviewed 10 of the nation’s leading economists. Their responses, in blue, provide valuable insight into our current economic state and where we may be headed. Read more.

Take the Journey with the Truepoint Team

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Adam Lipton, CFP®
Sr. Wealth Advisor & Shareholder
Adam Lipton
Alexandra H. Ollinger, CFP®
Sr. Wealth Advisor & Shareholder
Alexandra H. Ollinger
Blake Price, CFP®
Sr. Wealth Advisor & Shareholder
Blake Price
Christine L. Carleton, CFP®
Sr. Wealth Advisor & Shareholder
Christine L. Carleton
Courtney M. Weber, CPA, CFP®, CAP®
Co-Chief Client Officer & Shareholder
Courtney M. Weber
Deanna V. Sicking, CFP®
Sr. Wealth Advisor & Shareholder
Deanna V. Sicking
Heather J. Spencer, CPA, CFP®
Sr. Wealth Advisor & Shareholder
Heather J. Spencer
Janel E. Carroll, CPA, CFP®, CDFA
Sr. Wealth Advisor & Shareholder
Janel E. Carroll
John S. Evans, CPA/PFS, CFP®
Sr. Wealth Advisor & Shareholder
John S. Evans
Liz Niehaus, CFP®
Sr. Wealth Advisor & Shareholder
Liz Niehaus
Ryan J. Klekar, CFP®, CTFA
Sr. Wealth Advisor & Shareholder
Ryan J. Klekar
Scott M. Barbee, CPA, CFP®, CAP®
Sr. Wealth Advisor & Shareholder
Scott M. Barbee
Wayne A. Lippert, Jr., CFP®
Director of Growth & Shareholder
Wayne A. Lippert, Jr.