Success of RhineVest Necessitates New Name!

It’s hard to believe, but it was five years ago that Truepoint acquired RhineVest, making it a permanent part of our firm’s service offerings. As you may recall, the magnetic appeal of RhineVest for us was its mission: to make fee-only, fiduciary guidance accessible to everyone regardless of asset level. Truepoint was one of the industry’s fee-only pioneers upon our founding in 1990, and our dedication to growing the reach of fiduciary guidance has never abated.

We are excited to report that RhineVest has proven to be the perfect complement to Truepoint as it’s allowed us to offer two distinct service models—built on shared values and principles while differing in the breadth of services and associated fee. These two options ensure we can provide the right combination of services and fees for each client today and as their needs may change in the future.

While we became one company and a unified team upon the acquisition in 2016, we elected to maintain the separate branding to clearly reflect the distinction in service offering and client needs. The merits of the separate branding still hold today, but the Cincinnati-centric name of RhineVest no longer matches the national client base developed over the last five years. Additionally, the client experience is about far more than just inVESTing!

So, ready for the big reveal? Going forward, RhineVest will be known as…Commas! We were drawn to the name Commas because commas are a critical part of anyone’s money story. Aside from separating thousands, millions, and billions, commas are used to prioritize and list the things we want our money to do for us: retirement, education, giving, homes, bucket-list vacations…you name it. We find deep meaning in helping our clients identify and work towards all the different goals in their lives and wanted that to be reflected in the new name. We invite you to check out our new Commas website to get a better feel for the Commas story and service offering.

At the core of both the Truepoint and Commas client experience is holistic financial planning and evidence-based investing. And because Truepoint and Commas are one company and team, our clients and prospective clients can choose either the Truepoint or Commas service model. The difference between them lies in the services beyond financial planning and investment management—Truepoint provides broader services (for example, in-house tax and estate services) that entail a higher minimum fee, while Commas is a more effective solution for people who don’t need those additional services. Our job is to clearly understand the needs of the client or prospect and help them arrive at the right solution. We’re proud to have two service offerings built to be best-in-class in serving different client needs. If you have any questions about Commas and how it may be appropriate for people you know, please reach out to anyone on your Truepoint team. And, as always, thank you for your continued trust and support of our firm!

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