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Truepoint   May 29, 2024
Reflections on Retirement: A Letter from Liz Niehaus
Liz Niehaus served Truepoint Wealth Counsel clients as a wealth advisor for 17 years and leaves behind an impressive and meaningful legacy as she prepares for her retirement at the end of June 2024. Recently relocated to Hilton Head Island, Liz shares a few reflections on her career, her time with Truepoint, and what she […]
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Heather J. Spencer
Heather J. Spencer   May 13, 2024
The Sandwich Generation: Caring for Parents and Children
Updated May 2024  When you prepare for retirement, you generally plan for your own financial situation. You work hard to save for the lifestyle you wish to enjoy during the next phase of your life—a phase that you likely imagine to be free of financial obligation to anyone other than yourself.  Unfortunately, as many members […]
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Guy M. Clanton
Guy M. Clanton   May 6, 2024
Caregiving is Hard 
The Truepoint Aging Task Force team collaborated with Cheryl Jeffers from TheKey to create this blog post on caregiving. TheKey is a national organization committed to helping older adults live well in their own homes as they age, improving the quality of life for their clients—and those who love them.  Providing transportation to medical appointments, […]
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Guy M. Clanton
Guy M. Clanton   April 18, 2024
Planning for the Future: Assessing Your Changing Needs As You Age
As we age and our needs evolve, it’s key that those circumstances within our control evolve, too. It may be that the living arrangements, routines, and even hobbies that worked for us in earlier years no longer make sense as we age.   At Truepoint, we understand the importance of staying ahead of these changes. We’ve […]
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Truepoint   April 17, 2024
Cybersecurity in the Digital Landscape: Understanding and Safeguarding Against Cyber Threats 
In the vast landscape of the digital world, where information is everywhere and everyone is connected, there are both opportunities and dangers. Just as we navigate the physical world with caution and care, we need to be equally careful when it comes to cybersecurity on our personal computers and mobile devices.  As technology continues to […]
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Blake Price
John S. Evans
Blake Price and John S. Evans   April 8, 2024
A Summary of the Frank Duke Method
In this fifth and final installment in our series on the Duke Method, we offer a brief summary of the approach and its considerations as we have presented over the past year. Keep in mind that the Duke Method is a very complex strategy which requires extra scrutiny before employing.   What is the Frank Duke Method?  Simply put, […]
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Truepoint   April 17, 2024
Cybersecurity in the Digital Landscape: Understanding and Safeguarding Against Cyber Threats 
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Truepoint   January 13, 2023
Important Update on the LastPass Security Incident
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Scott M. Barbee
Scott M. Barbee   September 2, 2020
Protecting Yourself from Technology Scams
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Sherrie L. Campbell
Sherrie L. Campbell   November 1, 2017
How to Keep Your Personal Information Secure Online
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Truepoint   September 12, 2017
The Equifax Data Breach: What You Should Do
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Janel E. Carroll
Ryan J. Klekar
Janel E. Carroll and Ryan J. Klekar   February 2, 2015
Safeguarding Our Little Ones: Protect Their Identities and Credit Records, Too
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