Should You File Your Taxes With Online Software or Hire an Accountant?

What advice can you give people as they search for the right software or accountant?

If your situation is not complex enough to warrant an accountant, numerous tax preparation software programs are inexpensive, user-friendly and perfectly acceptable. Consider whether “live support” is offered if you expect to have questions, the software’s track record or longevity, whether the software or service offers support for issues that could arise after filing, etc.

If you are searching for an accountant, especially if your situation is complex, it’s important to remember that you almost always “get what you pay for.” The cost of tax preparation services has risen significantly in recent years, while the number of high-quality CPAs willing to bring on new clients has declined. Like any other consumer product or service that is in high demand, a high-quality and minimally stressful tax preparation experience may require you to pay a premium.”

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