Welcome Home: A New Office for Truepoint

At Truepoint, we are planners at heart. We help our clients plan for their futures, and in keeping with our values, we are very deliberate when planning our company’s future, too. We don’t make decisions lightly, and no one would describe us as “rash” or “impulsive.” That might explain why we’ve remained in the same office space for more than 15 years. We stick with what works.

Yet over the past few years, it’s become clear that our current offices can’t accommodate our long-term growth, and so, at the end of June, we will move to a new office building. True to our deliberative nature, we’ve been planning this move for over a year. And we aren’t going far—we will stay in Blue Ash, but transition to a new, custom-designed office space adjacent to Summit Park.

For those who aren’t familiar with Summit Park, it’s the site of the former Blue Ash airport, which has recently been converted into a large greenspace and an innovative mixed-use development, with restaurants, residences, and office spaces.

This move is an important milestone for us, and it’s rooted in the same commitment we’ve had since I founded Truepoint almost 30 years ago: to deliver high quality, objective, and comprehensive financial planning services to our clients. Back in 1990, this was something of a new idea. But as people have learned more about it, they have increasingly sought out firms like Truepoint.

This has given us the opportunity to serve more people, which we find incredibly gratifying, but this is also a responsibility we take quite seriously. Our clients deserve personalized service from a team of professionals who truly know them—who see them as more than just another account number. To provide this level of service, we have continued to grow our team thoughtfully over the years, which is how we’ve come to fill our current space to capacity.

As a firm, we are always driven to exceed our clients’ expectations. And to continue to do so, we need to make some serious changes to our space. Back in 2003, when we moved to our current office, the landline phone was still the most important business tool. Since that time, we’ve worked hard to make adjustments for changing trends and technological advancements. But it is clear that we have hit the limits of what retrofitting can accomplish.

We designed our new space with 21st-century technology at the forefront. Every meeting room will be equipped with video screens and state-of-the-art communications tools. This will make in-person meetings more productive, informative, and efficient, and it will enable our out-of-town clients to feel like they’re sitting down at the same table with us. We are excited about how these new technologies will enhance our clients’ experiences.

The new space will also improve our team members’ experiences, too. We believe that where people work is inextricably connected to how well they work. In our current space, our staff is split across two floors. To make ongoing collaboration simple, our teams need to be able to easily meet and interact. We’ll be on a single floor in the new space, and an expanded kitchen and café will further facilitate informal get-togethers and discussions.

At Truepoint, we strive to create a collegial and fun environment where people can enjoy their work and their colleagues. There’s a lot of friendly competition around our office, and our pop-a-shot machine, a favorite activity during March Madness, will finally have its own dedicated space. We believe that touches like these, which may seem small, are a big reason that we have frequently been named as a top workplace in Cincinnati. As we’ve discussed before, enhancing the employee experience impacts the client experience.

Since we are planners, this move is not simply focused on what we need today; it also creates a path for where we’re headed. We won’t fill up the entirety of the new space this year. Instead, it will give us the flexibility to grow and evolve. Change like this can be thrilling, but it can be challenging, too. I’m proud that, through all of this exciting transformation, our core commitments and values have remained the same, since the beginning: true independence, intellectual honesty, teamwork, accountability, and putting clients first.



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