We Are Focused on You

We’d like to once again thank our loyal clients and welcome our new clients, as we embark on the year ahead.

In this month’s Viewpoint, we want to highlight a number of things coming your way in 2011 and reflect upon a few recent achievements.

While the future (as Steve Condon frequently states) is unknowable, that does not stop the media from littering the internet, newspapers, television and talk radio with economic and market forecasts. What we do know is that US and global economic data improved in 2010 from weak levels recorded in the previous year. During 2010, the financial markets added to the gains which began in March 2009. For investors (both professionals and individuals), the market rally was quite a surprise and by many measures participants failed to recapture losses realized during the market collapse.

We are proud that Truepoint clients have fared much better than the average investor. In fact, Truepoint’s client composite exceeded the return of its comparable benchmark for both 2009 and 2010. Even more impressive – when compared over the past 10 years – our disciplined approach (utilizing passive investment funds and rebalancing) has beaten 9 out of 10 professionally managed balanced portfolios as measured by Morningstar.

The recovery has also afforded us with the opportunity to expand our capacity and assist more clients. With the addition of Christopher (Topher) Sheldon and Chris Vorwald, we have provided advisors with additional support personnel to further enhance our ability to address your concerns and proactively guide your financial and investment planning. We also hired a business tax specialist, Ginger Ittenbach, to leverage our ability to add value to the wealth management plans of our business owner clients. Ginger’s expertise in business planning and corporate and entity tax provides our team with additional depth and experience.

While there will always be those “busy seasons” in our industry, please be assured that we are never too busy to address your concerns. We are committed to maintaining our low client to advisor ratio.

As we introduce new resources and refine our service offerings, we will maintain our focus on your goals and objectives. Our client-centered approach has served us well and will continue to guide us in the New Year and for years to come.

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