Truepoint Talks: Finding Clarity in the Midst of Chaos

Truepoint’s weekly “Truepoint Talks” webinar series continued on April 14, shifting beyond a discussion of investment portfolios to the topic of life planning. A silver lining of a period like we’re living through now is that it reminds us of what is truly important in life. As advisors, it’s critical for us to understand what is important to our clients and how the financial strategy can best align to that. Truepoint’s Alexandra Ollinger and Devon Klumb joined Steve Condon to have this conversation.

But first, some background. Over the past 18 months at Truepoint, we’ve increased our focus on helping clients look at their lives more holistically. This includes engaging in deeper discussions about what their ideal future looks like and how financial decisions tie into getting them there. And what we’ve heard from clients is how good life is, how satisfied they are in multiples facets of their lives and how values seem to be in line with how they are living their lives and spending their money. Bottom line? When times are good people feel pretty satisfied.

Fast forward to the current global health and economic crisis, where we are all quarantined and social distancing. It calls into question, “what now?” After many years of swimming along, this environment is a total disruption—a disruption we believe provides an opportunity to take a magnifying glass to what matters most in our lives. It’s an opportune time to be introspective. We are seeing more clearly what is really going well and what perhaps is missing in our lives. We have a different perspective now, to ask ourselves how satisfied we are with how we spend our time, energy and money.

So, we how can we leverage this opportunity? View the full recording below to learn how:

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