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Truepoint Private Trust & Fiduciary Services: A New Approach to Trust Administration

For more than three decades, Truepoint has provided each and every one of our clients with a customized suite of comprehensive, fully integrated services. Throughout this time, we’ve always been driven by the same determination to exceed our clients’ expectations—to help grow their financial resources but, more importantly, to increase their peace of mind. At Truepoint, we believe that wealth is a tool that helps you build a more rewarding life for yourself and your loved ones. Our team brings together financial planning, investing, tax, and estate planning professionals to empower our clients to achieve their goals and accomplish their dreams.

Over the years, clients have also asked us for assistance with more specific, unique, and complex needs—such as family office coordination, executor services, and trust administration. Our team members are always happy to provide such guidance, but certain legal restrictions and requirements have limited our role.

What drives this? Well, when considering the time, complexity, and emotions associated with the role of an executor, trustee and/or financial power of attorney, many families choose not to burden family members or friends. Some may have unique needs that prompt them to seek professional services.

Today, we are pleased to announce our expanded trust administration offering. These enhanced services will enable us to provide more specialized assistance to those clients with more diverse needs.

If you are a current client, rest assured that nothing will change. If you do not have additional needs, your relationship with Truepoint will continue as it always has. For clients with more complicated estates, however, Truepoint will now be able to provide you with more hands-on assistance and enable you to contract with fewer outside parties when executing certain legal agreements and actions.

Over the next month, we’ll be sending out more information to introduce these new services and to help you determine if they are a good fit for you and your family. Some of the topics we’ll explore include:

  • What are the key roles in trust administration?
  • How does a corporate trustee, like Truepoint Private Trust, handle my trust accounts?
  • I’ve been named the executor of a family member’s estate, now what?
  • What are the advantages of putting my financial assets in a trust?
  • How do I get my family members on the same page?

Click here to download our new services page.

Our team is excited to share more guidance in this area. If there are any questions you have that you would like to see us answer in future Viewpoints, please contact us. Our mission, as always, remains the same: to simplify your financial life so that you can focus on what matters.

Truepoint Wealth Counsel is a fee-only Registered Investment Adviser (RIA). Registration as an adviser does not connote a specific level of skill or training. More detail, including forms ADV Part 2A & Form CRS filed with the SEC, can be found at TruepointWealth.com. Neither the information, nor any opinion expressed, is to be construed as personalized investment, tax or legal advice. The accuracy and completeness of information presented from third-party sources cannot be guaranteed.

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