Truepoint Announces Acquisition of RhineVest Advisors, LLC

Truepoint recently acquired RhineVest Advisors, LLC, a Cincinnati-based start-up committed to making transparent and intelligent financial management more accessible to everyone. RhineVest is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Truepoint.

First and foremost, you should know that the acquisition has no effect on your relationship with Truepoint or the services we provide. In fact, RhineVest’s ability to provide fiduciary guidance for clients with any level of assets strengthens Truepoint’s focus on providing comprehensive and integrated wealth management services for high net-worth individuals and families.

So why did we make this investment? Our decision was primarily driven by shared values. Like the Truepoint team, Brad Felix, the founder of RhineVest, is a passionate advocate for highly transparent, fully independent, fee-only and low-cost investing. In fact, RhineVest’s business model ­– which combines powerful but user-friendly technology with personal access to qualified advisors – is built on the idea of bringing the value of the fiduciary model to everyone who needs it.

Further, RhineVest recognizes that even the best technology can’t account for the nuances of each investor’s situation. Especially when it comes to finance, people like to ask questions and have conversations with real people. We believe the RhineVest model meets the needs of a huge market segment that is underserved in today’s market (individuals and families with less than $1 million in investable assets). It’s also well suited to the needs and preferences of the millennial generation, which is in the early stages of its retirement planning and investing journey.

We are excited about RhineVest’s ability to fill a clear and large market need, and view it as an extension of our mission to place clients first in proactively delivering unbiased advice and customized service.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or for more information. And if you believe a family member, friend or colleague might benefit from RhineVest’s approach, please encourage them to learn more at

Michael J. Chasnoff, CEO & Founder
Steve Condon, President & Principal

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