Not Just Your Typical Resolutions

One of the hallmarks of the start of a new year is the resolution. As we embrace the new beginnings and endless possibilities of the year ahead, we consider all of the things we wish to achieve and ways we want to grow, then set those goals for ourselves.

At Truepoint, resolutions aren’t just limited to the start of the new year. As a part of our client-centric focus, we operate according to one main resolution each and every day: to continually improve your client experience. That’s why 2014 brings with it a great deal of promise.

For quite some time, your Truepoint team has been working on some exciting refinements to the client experience. First, we are undertaking improvements to our technology to make accessing information even easier for you. We’ll be sharing more information about this early this year.

We have also committed additional resources to improve your client experience by adding several dedicated experts in each of the major disciplines of personal finance: investment management, financial planning, tax management, and estate planning. A part of this enhancement involves some senior wealth advisors shifting their focus to serve you as specialists. These specialists are dedicated to their particular area of expertise in personal finance and ensure the delivery of this industry-leading expertise for all Truepoint clients. The rest of our team of senior wealth advisors will continue to focus on your financial “big picture,” and call on our specialists when needed to deliver the best personalized service addressing your unique needs.

One area in which this refinement is taking place is in estate planning, where Tom Bentley will further leverage his expertise in leading Truepoint’s dedicated estate planning group.

Our tax management team is growing as well. In addition to Ginger Ittenbach, Claire McKenna is shifting her focus to tax planning and we will also be recruiting another tax professional to further enhance this aspect of our service.

And, as a part of our resolution to broaden our financial planning capabilities, Eric Ross has joined the team to add additional talent and experience to this specialty area, with Chris Hennekes now focusing on leveraging his financial planning expertise.

We are excited about the continued growth and development of our team and we are confident that your experience with Truepoint will only grow stronger as a result.

On behalf of the Truepoint team, allow me to extend our thanks for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We look forward to making new resolutions about how we will continue improving our service to you in 2014 and beyond.

Truepoint Wealth Counsel is a fee-only Registered Investment Adviser (RIA). Registration as an adviser does not connote a specific level of skill or training. More detail, including forms ADV Part 2A & Form CRS filed with the SEC, can be found at Neither the information, nor any opinion expressed, is to be construed as personalized investment, tax or legal advice. The accuracy and completeness of information presented from third-party sources cannot be guaranteed.

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