About Rhinevest

RhineVest is ready for you

In early 2016, Truepoint acquired RhineVest, a local start-up dedicated to making fee-only advice accessible to all investors, regardless of asset size. Since that time, RhineVest has grown to include three CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals focused solely on serving our RhineVest clients. And while RhineVest is a fully integrated part of the Truepoint team, we’ve chosen to retain the RhineVest brand as it represents some key distinctions in approach.

RhineVest: The Perfect Complement to Truepoint

Focus on Wealth Accumulation
Many of Truepoint’s clients have already accumulated significant assets and are planning for distribution. Conversely, RhineVest’s planning focus is often on the accumulation phase, including budgeting and building an investment portfolio.

User-Friendly Custody
While the assets of Truepoint clients are held with traditional providers like Fidelity, Schwab and TD Ameritrade, RhineVest client assets are custodied with Betterment, providing access to an industry-leading digital platform that is powerful and user-friendly.

A Cost-Effective Solution
While Truepoint’s services may not be cost-effective for portfolios below $1 million, RhineVest is built to serve clients of any asset level for a reasonable fee. The RhineVest fee is simply 0.80% annually on investable assets plus $65 per month.


1Meet with your Truepoint advisor and the RhineVest team
2Reaffirm your plan and start working on other goals that are most important to you
3Our team will work together to transfer your investment accounts to Betterment, our preferred custodian for RhineVest clients
4Regular meetings to ensure you remain on track


Brad Felix, CPA
Brad Felix, CFA
Portfolio Manager

Andrew Damcevski, CFP
Andrew Damcevski, CFP®
Financial Planner

Devon Klumb, CFP®, BFA
Devon Klumb, CFP®, BFA
Financial Planner

Claire Beams, CFP®, CPA
Claire Beams, CFP®, CPA
Financial Planner